DEPO Computers has delivered computing equipment

DEPO Computers modernized client devices in the customer's regional divisions.

Having analyzed the requirements for equipping the workplaces of specialists of various customer profiles, DEPO Computers engineers proposed a DEPO client device model in the form factor of a small-sized PC. The equipment allowed the customer to organize efficient execution of business tasks at workplaces with minimal space utilization.

This computing model is manufactured with 8GB of RAM, 256GB of high-speed SSD storage and a 1TB hard drive.

At the customer's request, the client devices were equipped with 27-inch monitors. The client device configuration also supports the ability to operate two monitors simultaneously. The equipment's graphics system provides optimum colour reproduction and high image clarity for videoconferencing and working with large data sets. Technical parameters of the system unit provide fast performance when working in multitasking mode.

The customer's territorial subdivisions are also located in remote and hard-to-reach regions where logistics is complicated by natural and climatic conditions. At the customer's request, DEPO Computers manufactured and delivered some of the equipment ahead of the main delivery date to the customer's subdivisions in hard-to-reach and remote regions of the country during the favourable season of the year.

All equipment was integrated into the information system of the customer's subdivisions, all necessary commissioning and testing were performed.

DEPO Computers has high competence in after-sales service and a network of 200 service centres. The installed computing equipment in the customer's regional divisions is guaranteed for on-site service for one year after delivery.