DEPO monitoring system
Hardware-centric software designed to provide centralized IT infrastructure monitoring to automate the operation, maintenance, and failure prevention processes of computing systems, storage, and network infrastructure.
The agent free system's fault-tolerant monitoring scheme and high performance allow for minimal time to deploy a monitoring service. Fault-tolerant monitoring service mode and scalability for IT infrastructure of any level of complexity.

Universal solution for any IT infrastructure

Customer benefits
  • Any device type and manufacturer can be connected to the DEPO monitoring system, which increases the quality of scaling and reduces the overall cost of operating the IT infrastructure
  • The mobile application provides access to information about the state of the IT infrastructure from any location, allows to get advanced information about the equipment with the help of QR code device marking technology
  • Flexible pricing policy. various levels of technical support allow for the planning, implementation and operation of a nationwide monitoring service with minimal costs

How to get a license key

  • To activate the System, use files with the *.lic extension, which contain information about the licensee and the number of available connections.

  • To obtain the activation file, contact the DEPO Computers technical support hotline at

  • In the letter it is necessary to specify: license identifier (it is specified in the license certificate), serial number of DEPO product (if the license is included in the equipment).