L2 switches DEPO Switch 2000

Reliable 100-megabit and gigabit Layer 2 Ethernet switches designed for use as primary switches in medium-sized organizations and branch offices: schools, medical facilities, factories, and offices. The switches in this series also serve as local access switches in large organizations.

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L3 switches DEPO Switch 3000

Layer 3 Ethernet switches are ideal for routing in geo-distributed branch networks as well as for serving computing clusters in institutes, design offices and other organizations with an infrastructure of 50 devices or more with access to the network and the requirement of access rights and security delimitation.

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Top-of-Rack switches DEPO Switch 4000

Fault-tolerant, high-performance Top-of-Rack switches based on powerful computing chips. The basic port speeds of the models in this line are 10 and 40 Gbit/s. Optimal for use in large corporate networks.

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