DEPO Race Versatile workstations

Single-processor workstations are recommended for physical and mathematical calculations, engineering and analytical tasks requiring high computing power. Configurable workstations are sold to order.

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DEPO Race Design stations

Workstations for professional tasks of creating digital content: graphics, animation, layout. Optimized to work with large volumes of graphic information, which saves time when working on resource-intensive projects. It is possible to buy a design station in an individual configuration that exactly meets the business requirements.

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DEPO Race Graphic stations

Single- and dual-processor graphics workstations for the most demanding computational and graphic applications: 3D graphics processing, CAD, publishing systems, 3D modeling programs and architectural and construction applications. Workstation configurator provides the ability to select the characteristics of devices to perfectly match the tasks of the customer. The final price of a graphics workstation depends on the options selected.

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DEPO Race Specialized stations

Highly reliable and productive workstations designed for processing and retransmission tasks: video surveillance, video data processing and analysis, data preparation for broadcasting and broadcasting. Each workstation of this series has flexible configuration possibilities.

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