The solution includes

Application area
DEPO Cloud Systems solution is designed to build consolidated computing complexes and create a cloud architecture. The solution is designed for the most efficient solution for organizations with the number of employees ranging from tens to several thousand people. If necessary, the complex can be further developed for seamless integration with the customer’s existing infrastructure.

DEPO Cloud Systems ensures high performance of core IT infrastructure applications: file server, directory services, basic network services, corporate mail system, website, accounting systems and DBMS (data base managing system), corporate portal, electronic document management applications, unified communications, terminal services.

Technical data

Customer benefits
  • The DEPO Cloud Systems architecture allows for rapid scaling depending on current tasks and provides the necessary resources to address them
  • Switching of compute nodes with the speed from 10 Gbit/s and the use of high-performance servers and storage systems make it possible to build highly-efficient computing centers
  • All the DEPO Cloud Systems configurations have been thoroughly tested in the DEPO Computers laboratory and repeatedly implemented in the clients’ IT infrastructure. Due to the accumulated experience, the design, delivery and implementation of the solution at the customer site are carried out in the shortest time
  • The implementation of DEPO Cloud Systems complex allows to optimize the cost of creating a private cloud infrastructure through the use of a domestic hardware platform, customized precisely in accordance with the unique objectives of the customer
  • Duplication of the main components of the DEPO Cloud Systems solution and switching channels ensures the continuity of critical business processes of the customer