Solution description

DEPO Security Systems is a set of hardware and software solutions, embedded in DEPO Computers equipment, that allows to ensure data storage and processing security. Solutions are designed primarily for companies working with confidential information.
Benefits of implementation
  • Being one of the largest domestic manufacturers of servers, data storage systems, personal computers and thin clients, DEPO Computers adheres to the secure-by-design concept, which implies information security tools integration during the creation of computing equipment at all solution development stages. DEPO Security Systems is a set of components, built into the equipment, which were created in close cooperation with information security developers to build a reliable IT infrastructure.
  • Mainly, the market of information security products is represented by pre-configured computers and servers, whose technical characteristics do not always correspond to customer needs. DEPO Security Systems components can be built into any DEPO Computers equipment. Our approach allows creating a secure information infrastructure on the basis of computers, the configuration of which ideally matches the requirements dictated by the tasks the customer has to solve.
  • The DEPO Security Systems solution allows you to build the most secure information infrastructure. Use of repeatedly tested elements and technological partnership with the developers of information protection facilities minimize risks and guarantee the highest reliability and effectiveness of the security system. Component certification allows the solution to be used when handling confidential data.