The elements of infrastructure projects

Engineering communications and facilities
DEPO Computers erects capital buildings from scratch, as well as prepares premises for creating data centers and placing automated workplaces. The company’s specialists perform a full range of works from pre-project site survey and development of a feasibility study to construction management and service maintenance. Many years of experience and high professionalism allow us to significantly reduce the time of commissioning.
Structured cabling networks
DEPO Computers performs the whole range of works on design, delivery and installation of structured cable networks of any complexity. After completing the work, the specialists certify that the customer receives a 25-year extended manufacturer’s warranty. The company performs installation of trunk and horizontal cable networks, as well as high-performance and modular SCS (Structured cabling system) in data centers.
Integrated security systems
Comprehensive physical security systems designed by DEPO Computers specialists include subsystems of internal and external video surveillance, video analytics, intruder alarm, access control and management. Deep integration of various security systems ensures that all incidents are reported promptly to the rapid response services.
Fire protection systems
DEPO Computers develops comprehensive data center protection solutions aimed at preventing the impact of dangerous fire factors on people and property and limiting material damage. The solutions include automatic fire alarm and extinguishing systems, automated smoke protection systems, notification and evacuation systems, and other fire automation.
Air conditioning and cooling systems
DEPO Computers engineers create highly reliable air conditioning and cooling systems based on the best equipment from market leaders. Depending on the complexity of the project, technological air conditioning systems with different operating principles can be used in data center solutions, providing year-round temperature and humidity control.
Automation and dispatching systems
In order to ensure efficient cooperation of all engineering infrastructure elements, DEPO Computers designs and implements control and monitoring systems required for continuous control of engineering systems and equipment, timely notification of personnel about emergencies, issuing of control commands to actuators, and maintaining an archive of monitored parameters and operator actions.
Power supply systems
In the process of solution development, DEPO Computers specialists conduct an energy audit with the help of a registered electrical measuring laboratory. Based on the data obtained, they design general, guaranteed and uninterruptible power supply systems, as well as emergency lighting systems, low-voltage switchboard equipment and input-distribution devices. For each project the optimal version of backup power supply system is developed. At the same time, energy efficiency is one of the main criteria used when designing a data center power supply system.
Computing infrastructure
DEPO Computers’ industrial production facility produces all elements for building IT infrastructures: server and switching equipment, storage systems, client devices, printing equipment and infrastructure elements. The equipment is configured precisely in accordance with the tasks of a particular customer. The use of highly reliable component base, duplication of main device subsystems and multistage testing of equipment in the production process guarantee high reliability of manufactured equipment.  
System integration
Due to the deep competencies in the field of systems integration, DEPO Computers’ specialists provide the customer with a fully operational data center with deployed business applications and services. At different stages of data center creation, system integration specialists optimize engineering and architectural solutions for the most precise conformity to the business applications planned for installation. At the final stage, DEPO Computers performs the full cycle of commissioning, testing, training of customer’s specialists and developing a full set of operation documentation. Besides, we prepare the data center for attestation and certification in accordance with the applicable regulations and guidelines.

Customer benefits

DEPO Computers is a general contractor and a single-entry point for customers in all aspects of data center design, construction and maintenance. DEPO Computers professionally manages each stage of data center construction: from laying the foundation and selecting IT solutions to startup and commissioning. Before the start of work, the company specialists prepare an expert opinion on the condition of the selected site, conduct conceptual design and provide the customer with a feasibility study of the project. Then the customer is only involved in the project at the stage of setting the task, and then accepts a fully ready data center.
Due to optimal integration of the best technologies in the area of construction, power and cooling supply, fire suppression systems, and security, complex DEPO data center projects are highly cost effective in the construction and subsequent operation phases.
Easy scalability and readiness for further upgrades is the key principle behind designing complex DEPO systems for data centers and office infrastructure. It is also a guarantee of reducing customers' financial costs for developing their infrastructure.
DEPO Computers provides warranty and service support of the implemented projects. Service packages offer a variety of support options for up to 5 years, including 3-hour response time and 24/7 operation mode.