DEPO Computers provides cloud services for the National Medical Network company
The company "National Medical Network" advises a foreign investor on a project to create a network of regional medical and laboratory centers in Russia.
The customer's business task
In April 2013 the company "National Medical Network" decided to open an office in Moscow. The main business objectives of the project were to minimize the financial burden on the budget and increase return on investment. IT budget optimization was required with mandatory maximum availability of key business applications and fault tolerance of the information system in the new office. "National Medical Network" uses Infoklinika Medical Information System (MIS), video communication system "Videomost", legal reference system, as well as office applications by Microsoft. Consideration of the peculiarities of business processes and applications in use were the prerequisites for successful solution of the tasks set.

The DEPO Computers specialists conducted a study of the customer's IT infrastructure, which resulted in offering the National Medical Network one of its flagship products - DEPO BpaaS 1000, distinguished by its high reliability and fault tolerance. The standard list of BpaaS 1000 applications was supplemented with the video conferencing service based on the "Videomost" software, which allowed to fully meet all the customer's requirements. "National Medical Network" received full-featured workstations with a full range of necessary applications under the cloud service lease model using the Russian data center integrated with the Office 365 infrastructure. Using Office 365 packages for business significantly reduced the cost of software, and a unique licensing program as part of the tariff plan, allowed not only to apply the software Microsoft Office in the cloud, but also to install it on computers and laptops users. Ability to work with locally installed office software on a rental model is critical for the customer, because, often being on business trips, some employees remain without access to the Internet for a long time. Successful results of the first stage of cooperation allowed us to move on to more complex tasks.

During the second phase, the central database of InfoClinica MIS, designed to automate business processes and generating reports in the medical institutions of the network, was moved to the public cloud, while users work through an encrypted VPN channel to ensure information security and compliance with regulatory requirements, including FL-152 "On Personal Data. As a result, National Medical Network company got on-line access to all reporting generated by regional medical institutions of the network that use Infoklinika MIS. Since then, the business intelligence provided by the company to foreign investors has gained the necessary transparency, which has had a positive impact on the attractiveness of investments.

At present, there are plans to expand the range of cloud services used by providing services of foreign data centers as part of information exchange with foreign partners.

Project results

As a result of the project implementation, National Medical Network received a comprehensive system for solving business tasks, including all necessary applications and meeting all customer requirements. Full platform outsourcing at the hardware, software and SLA level was provided, which significantly reduced IT infrastructure maintenance costs. High quality level of services agreed under SLA guarantees prompt reaction to the client's questions and fast implementation of required changes. The opening of the new office in Moscow was a success, within the allocated budget and the agreed deadlines.

The main result of our cooperation with DEPO Computers is redistribution of resources aimed at increasing capitalization in the core business. Using the innovative cloud approach from DEPO provides "National Medical Network" with outstripping development pace in comparison with the companies that use the classic model of their own IT infrastructure. I am pleased with the ability to scale and augment cloud services in accordance with changing business needs. Having solved the problem of rapid implementation of changes in IT, we gained an additional competitive advantage.
Ilya Tupitsyn
CEO of National Medical Network
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