DEPO Computers equips the district control rooms of UEC with collective monitoring systems
Power supply is one of the most important tasks for large metropolitan areas. The transportation system, utilities, industrial and business sectors - organizations in every sector need uninterrupted power supply. Business life without electricity stops, companies and the city incur huge losses.
JSC United Energy Company, which is currently one of the largest power suppliers in Moscow, was founded in 2005 at the initiative of the Moscow authorities to solve the problems in the regional power industry, which led to a system crisis and mass power cuts.

To achieve its goals, UEC uses innovative approaches and advanced technologies. Along with ensuring high quality power supply to consumers - both households and industrial enterprises - UEC pays special attention to environmental protection and improvement of the existing environmental situation. Therefore, at its facilities the company uses only modern energy-efficient equipment meeting the highest quality standards.
The mission of "United Energy Company", its principles of work make it set higher requirements not only to itself, but also to its business partners. That is why an open tender was held to choose a supplier of equipment for the district power plants' control room, in which many companies - leaders of the market - took part. The company DEPO Computers won the competition by offering its new solution, DEPO VideoCube, for the implementation of the project.
Projects with higher requirements, including fail-safe equipment, are very important to us. - The implementation of such projects gives us an opportunity to demonstrate that we are able to provide unique solutions meeting the specific requirements of our customers. It would be presumptuous to assert that there are no unsolvable problems for us, but we strive to address as few of them as possible.
Viktor Urusov
Vice president of DEPO Computers
Control rooms of the district power plants of JSC UEC located in all administrative districts of Moscow are designed to collect and process information on the condition of the substations and local cable networks, emergency notification for rapid troubleshooting, control of electricity supply to consumers, and are one of the most important means of ensuring the safety and uninterrupted supply of electricity.
Substation monitoring and control system of the dispatcher station registers deviation of monitored parameters from permissible values and, if necessary, issues an alarm message, based on which the dispatcher decides on prompt actions to eliminate the problem. At that, the more monitoring and control facilities the employees have, the more effective the measures taken. Continuous operation mode, large volumes of heterogeneous information, the need for comfortable working conditions - all this leads to special requirements for the equipment of dispatch centers.
Depending on the amount of information which must be shown on the video wall, two DEPO Videocube solutions were configured for control rooms: for installing video walls of 12 or 15 LCD panels.
The data coming from the substations are processed by a fault-tolerant cluster of two servers with data storage and a KVM console for their maintenance. After processing the information, the DEPO ReVision video controller outputs the data to the video wall.

Each controller has 12 or 15 video outputs (according to the number of connected LCD panels) and allows you to easily control the image output to the video wall. The controller is designed for continuous operation and has a dual redundant power supply with hot-swappable modules.
Video wall consists of 46-inch seamless LCD panels (size of one panel 1.0 × 0.6 m) mounted on special stands to ensure stability and provide ease of maintenance. Especially for this project, the standard mounting kit was modified in the DEPO Computers manufacturing facility, making it possible to attach video walls to the ceiling for greater reliability.
The dispatchers' workplaces monitor critical parameters of the substations and are equipped with computers with two 30-inch displays, which, like a video wall, display operational information about the subsystems monitored by the employee in question. Data exchange between the district control rooms and the Grid Technological Control Center is carried out via a secure wireless Internet connection.
All substation control system equipment has been connected to uninterruptible power supplies with a network control function to ensure operability in the event of a power failure.
We have to provide the city with electricity no matter what, so we pay special attention to the technical equipment of substations and control rooms. No matter what happens, the consumer must not be inconvenienced. The DEPO Computers specialists not only provided us with all the necessary equipment, but also demonstrated flexibility and efficiency of finalizing the solution when we had to change the configuration of the video wall in one of the control rooms. We were very satisfied with our cooperation.
Mikhail Ivanov
Deputy Technical Director of the United Energy Company
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