DEPO Computers provides uninterrupted access of client applications to the processing center of the Rapida payment system
For quality customer service, real-time settlement and processing centers require constant availability of communication channels. Failures of telecommunications equipment or data transmission channels can lead to loss and incorrect processing of payments and user requests, which negatively affects customers' attitudes toward the entire service.
The non-banking credit organization Rapida, which presents the payment system of the same name on the market, turned to DEPO Computers to configure the existing network infrastructure and provide an uninterrupted internet connection using two channels from different communication service providers.
The DEPO Computers specialists audited the network infrastructure and developed a solution to configure it according to the customer's requirements. Routers which provide Internet connection to the customer's autonomous system were configured by DEPO Computers engineers so that each of them serves only one channel.
While one of them carries data traffic, the other is used as a backup in case of equipment failure or communication failure.
For the HSRP protocol used inside the standalone system, the possibility of transferring the default gateway address between routers was configured, which ensured that the channel would automatically switch from the active to the standby device in case of any problems. Engineers configured the choice of the active router during normal operation of the system depending on the priority parameter, the value of which automatically changes each time a device or communication channel fails, thus ensuring unconditional connection transfer to the healthy channel. In addition, it was possible to automatically transfer outgoing traffic to a channel with a shorter path to the recipient in accordance with the routing tables of the BGP external protocol. When switching to this mode, the channel is selected each time on the basis of routing information to the autonomous systems.
As a result, DEPO Computers specialists configured automatic migration of the connection to a functioning channel, and ensured uninterrupted business processes of the customer.
In order not to interrupt processing of payment service applications, DEPO Computers specialists configured the equipment during the periods of minimum system load: at night and on weekends. So, the performed works had no negative impact on the service operation; on the contrary, the innovations had an immediate positive impact on the level of customer service.
Quality of service is the main criterion by which consumers choose one or another service. And if we are talking about a payment system, the processing of applications must be error-free and within a reasonable time. Shared his opinion. - No one will use a service, where money will reach the addressee in a week or will disappear at all. Therefore, business process availability, uninterrupted Internet connection, and equipment redundancy are necessary for every processing center.
Viktor Urusov
Vice president of DEPO Computers
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