DEPO Computers deploys a structured cabling system and access control system as soon as possible in the office of METRA GROUP in the business center Moscow City
METRA GROUP is a group of companies founded in 2002 by professional developers and realtors who have extensive experience with real estate in the North-West segment of the Moscow suburbs. METRA GROUP team is focused on creating an entirely new residential environment in metropolitan suburbs to meet the changed concepts of comfort and quality of modern life. The main objective of the group of companies - the creation of effectively planned spacious residential buildings: from apartments and townhouses to detached houses, which are formed into comfortable complexes with developed infrastructure, low density of buildings and preserved natural landscape. METRA GROUP provides a full cycle of investment projects, including the selection of land, fundraising, registration of permits, design, construction and professional maintenance of completed residential complexes.
The customer's business task
METRA GROUP needed to promptly prepare a new office in the "Embankment Tower" of the Moscow International Business Center Moscow City for the relocation of its employees. One of the main tasks faced by the organization was to create the basis for the IT infrastructure of the office - a structured cabling system (SCS) providing connection of workplaces to the telephone and local area networks.
The customer is simultaneously implementing several major projects for the construction of residential complexes and the creation of all necessary infrastructure, so any interruptions in the work of the company's employees caused by the inability to call or obtain the necessary data in the information system are unacceptable. Failure to respond promptly may result in failure to meet deadlines and significant financial losses.
In this case, work on the creation of SCS in the office was complicated by the fact that at the same time in the room finishing work: tiling the walls, installation of raised floor and laying the floor covering. All works had to be coordinated with the construction group of the general contractor of the office center, and only after 7 pm, because there are offices of other companies in the neighboring areas.
In order to successfully implement the project within a tight schedule, DEPO Computers engineers have carefully thought through the plan of work, and the project manager has provided quick solutions for the issues that arose.

Developing a structured cabling system for METRA GROUP, DEPO Computers engineers have performed all necessary work: prepared access holes and channels in the walls, mounted trunk devices, laid telephone lines and LAN cables to each work place, marked them in accordance with approved regulations, installed sockets in easily accessible places, made all necessary connections in a switching cabinet and started a SCS log for convenient work of system administrators. The office was also equipped with an access control system and a cable TV reception system.

Issues related to the construction work in the office were resolved in close cooperation with the international company, the general contractor servicing the "Embankment Tower".

IT project results
Structured cabling system built in the office of METRA GROUP will easily manage the connection of workplaces to the telephone and local area networks and quickly localize failure points in case of malfunction.
Created SCS provides data transmission in Ethernet and FastEthernet networks and meets the requirements of standards ISO-11801, EN 50173, TIA/EIA-568B, TIA-606, TIA/EIA-569-A, TIA-607. During installation of the SCS the requirements and practical recommendations stated in the All-Union Construction Standards 60-89, OSTN-600-93 were fulfilled.
Project results for business
In 5 days within the available budget all the necessary work on the design, installation, purchase and delivery of equipment and materials, testing and commissioning of the system were done. Workplaces were fully prepared for the exit of the employees: available telephone connection, local network of the company, corporate database and other work resources. The reserve laid down at the design stage will allow to equip additional workplaces, if necessary, in case of hiring new employees or expanding the office to the neighboring premises.
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