DEPO Computers has supplied the hardware platform for the corporate management system of Russian Kholod Group, Russia's largest ice-cream producer
DEPO Computers has supplied a hardware platform for the corporate management system of the Russky Kholod (Russian Cold) group of companies, the largest Russian ice-cream producer
DEPO Computers has developed and put the hardware platform of the virtualization farm for the Russian Cold group of companies within the framework of the project on implementation of a new IT-infrastructure. DEPO Computers solution was chosen by the client among several alternative solutions due to its fault tolerance and comprehensive approach to ensuring high reliability of data storage, critical for the operation of the business processes of the group of companies.
The customer's business task
The history of cooperation between DEPO Computers and Russian Cold Group of Companies began in 2011. In 2015, a small infrastructure based on DEPO servers and data storage system was deployed in the customer's head office. As a part of this system implementation, DEPO Computers engineers actively cooperated with IT specialists of the customer, analyzed the tasks faced by the IT service of Russian Cold Group, and selected the optimal configuration of servers and data storage systems.
DEPO Computers engineers held a number of consultations for IT-specialists of the customer, helped to quickly put the system into operation and helped in solving arising issues. Besides, DEPO Computers specialists offered the level of warranty service required by the client on the territory of Moscow region. The client was sure of high professional level of DEPO Computers engineers. Positive experience of cooperation made it possible to involve DEPO Computers for the solution of a new IT infrastructure implementation.

At the beginning of 2018, "Russian Cold" Group decided to switch to new services that were to ensure efficient operation of production processes against the backdrop of the Group's business growth. In particular, it was necessary to consolidate the capacities of the "1C" DBMS for all companies and branches that are part of the "Russian Cold" Group. Work on the consolidation, transition to new services and migration to a new platform had to be done in a short time before the start of the high season, which for the ice cream industry begins in May and lasts until September.
To meet this challenge, DEPO Computers specialists designed a hardware platform for virtualization farm with a high level of fault tolerance and data storage reliability. The platform is built on a series of servers and storage systems, which are developed and manufactured by DEPO Computers. Architecture and configuration of the equipment were chosen considering the requirements of business applications and customer services. In addition, DEPO equipment is provided with warranty service for 3 years.

After considering all alternatives, the customer chose DEPO Computers' hardware platform. One of the main factors that influenced this choice was the reliable data storage technologies used in DEPO Computers solution. These unique technologies provide a maximum number of data recovery scenarios for different possible force majeure situations: failures of engineering systems, power failures, etc. In real efficiency of these technologies the customer had an opportunity to be convinced earlier, during operation of DEPO servers and storage systems.

Project results

The work on deployment of the hardware platform for the virtualization farm, migration to new services and data migration was completed in May 2018. To accelerate the launch of new services, DEPO Computers specialists provided the customer with a substitute data storage system from their own reserve during the first phase of work. On this storage system, system settings and the overall configuration of the solution were worked out in detail to ensure the required level of performance and fault-tolerance of the virtualization farm. After completion of these works, the new storage system was delivered to the client; it was manufactured at DEPO Computers exactly according to the hardware configuration requirements. Works on data migration to the new platform were performed with the support of DEPO Computers engineers on weekends, during the minimum load on the customer's information system. Thus, was provided a smooth commissioning of the new information services of the group of companies "Russian Cold".

"Experience of successful cooperation with DEPO Computers and high professional level of DEPO engineers gave us confidence in the successful implementation of the new IT infrastructure and new services necessary for the further growth of our business," - says IT Director of the Russian Cold Group, - "We will continue to attract DEPO Computers specialists to solve the tasks that face the IT service of the Group".

DEPO Computers and Russian Cold are currently discussing projects for further development of the customer's infrastructure.

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