DEPO Computers protects Activ's business applications with Trend Micro Deep Security
Founded in 1994, Aktiv is one of Russia's largest developers and manufacturers of information security software and hardware, electronic keys, and USB identifiers.
The company develops and manufactures custom-made electronic devices, creates tools to protect executable code from research and modification, conducts R&D projects in the field of smart card technologies, information security and software licensing.
The company's activities in the field of information security are carried out on the basis of licenses, its products have FSTEC certificates.
First and foremost, Aktiv is a scientific and technical company, the vast majority of whose employees are programmers, engineers, designers, and quality department specialists. The bulk of the company's profits are invested in new developments.
The customer's business task
To ensure uninterrupted operation of the services provided, it was necessary to guarantee reliable protection of the Aktiv's virtual IT infrastructure and the online services running on it.

With the development of virtualization, more and more companies are moving mission-critical data and applications to virtual environments, providing service resiliency and improving the efficiency of existing hardware. Like any other environment, virtual infrastructures require antivirus protection, but traditional tools designed for physical servers are not suitable here.
Adequate tools to address information security risks are needed to ensure the appropriate level of service delivery. Without hypervisor-level protection, the entire virtual infrastructure would be at risk. Therefore, when building virtual computing environments, it is recommended to use specialized end-to-end solutions.

After analyzing the customer's infrastructure, DEPO Computers' information security experts concluded that Trend Micro solutions, designed specifically for virtual environments, would be most appropriate to provide reliable IT infrastructure protection.

Deep Security is a comprehensive server security platform designed to protect dynamic data centers, including physical, virtual, and cloud servers, as well as virtual desktops.

Trend Micro works closely with VMware to deliver tightly integrated, high assurance products. New Trend Micro products also receive a K1 certification from the Russian Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC).

IT project results

DEPO Computers has used Trend Micro Deep Security to provide reliable protection for the company's virtual infrastructure and online services. Most of the solution maintenance procedures are fully automated. Working with the system is simple and does not require special training - you only need to have knowledge of general network security concepts, as well as experience with setting up antivirus protection and network access rules.

In the future, Aktiv plans to expand the use of Trend Micro Deep Security for virtualization security.

We were just looking for modern tools to secure not only our own resources, but also Guardant's online protection and activation servers, one of our main products. The most important task of our web-servers security was to protect them from unauthorized access," Sergey Soshnikov, head of IT department of Aktiv, comments on the situation. - In addition, we had to reduce the cost of server resources to perform identical functions. By using Deep Security system offered to us by DEPO Computers specialists, we have separated the network traffic between the machines of one local network on a virtual platform, thus increasing the overall security level
Sergey Soshnikov
of IT department of Aktiv
Project results for business

For the first time, a comprehensive solution specifically designed to protect virtual environments has been implemented in the IT infrastructure of a Russian enterprise. This clearly demonstrates the growing need of the company to improve performance, manageability and achieve a higher level of server consolidation, as well as the formation of a professional approach to the protection of virtual environments. This ultimately has a positive impact on the reputation of the company, for which application protection is a core business.

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