Private cloud for tourist hotel complexes Izmailovo
Tourist hotel complexes "Izmailovo" ("Gamma" - "Delta") - is the only mega-complex in Russia, consisting of three and four-star hotels, more than 10 restaurants with different national cuisines, offering its guests a high level of service, based on a developed infrastructure of services, perfectly organized technology of guest service and professionalism of the staff. Izmailovo tourist hotel complexes ("Gamma" - "Delta") are able not only to accommodate more than 3.5 thousand people, offering them a variety of dining options, but also to provide conferences, seminars and other public events on the basis of a conference complex, consisting of 9 conference halls equipped with the latest technology.
The customer's business task
Before the start of the project, the following main tasks were defined: improving IT infrastructure fault tolerance, eliminating the risk of losing customers due to malfunction and reducing operating costs.
The hotel complex is constantly developing, offering more and more new high-quality services to customers, and the employees of the IT department at the Izmailovo THC have to ensure uninterrupted operation of all information systems on a daily basis. This is especially critical during the high season when the load on the IT infrastructure increases manifold. In order to meet the regularly increasing load, the company management decided to upgrade the existing IT infrastructure.

After analyzing the information infrastructure of THC "Izmailovo", DEPO Computers experts concluded that the ideal solution for the company's tasks is to create a private cloud, which will host the services. For the implementation of a cloud a typical DEPO Cloud Systems solution was used, built using DEPO Storm servers and DEPO Storage system. VMware vSphere5 was chosen as the virtualization platform.

IT project results
The implemented private cloud allowed us to move to a virtual environment tools for processing accounting databases and registration data, reservation system and other services, which significantly increased their fault tolerance. Now, in case of any technical problems, the services will remain available thanks to instant backup activation.
"DEPO Computers is our long-term partner - we have been cooperating since 2007. All server systems in our hotel complex are DEPO products," says Vadim Shipitsyn, IT department head at THC "Izmailovo". - As you understand, over such a long period of time we have become convinced of the quality of the supplied solutions. At a certain point, we found out that our partner has serious competences in systems integration and has been actively developing this area for quite a long time, the main feature of which is complex engineering projects. Despite the fact that our IT department implements a lot of internal projects on its own, turning to DEPO Computers as a system integrator is an opportunity to work together with a large team of experts, who can help to choose and implement a really efficient solution".

Migration of services involved only 20% of the solution's computing power but even after all the necessary services have been migrated, the system still has enough resources to further scale the IT infrastructure.

Project results for business
According to the results of implementation, the IT service of THC "Izmailovo" used about 20% of the resources of the new IT platform, and in the near future the rest of the infrastructure will be migrated. But even after the transfer of all services there will be significant capacities for further scaling of the IT infrastructure, which will allow to allocate the released budget for the implementation of innovations. The key results of the project are significant savings on software purchases and a significant increase in the level of fault tolerance. If earlier there were risks of system failure, now they are practically eliminated. Also, IT infrastructure manageability has significantly improved, and server deployment time has decreased by 2-3 times.
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