DEPO Computers has implemented one of the first virtualization solutions in the agricultural sector of the Moscow region
Dmitrovskiye Vegetables agricultural holding is an innovative enterprise of the agro-industrial complex of the Moscow region, uniting a number of large companies and providing a full cycle of vegetable production: growing, processing, storage and delivery to customers. The assortment of agricultural holding has more than 30 kinds of vegetable crops, and among the customers are the largest retail chains in the central region. The company employs 400-450 permanent and up to 250 seasonal employees.
The customer's business task
Creation of a reliable full-featured information system to ensure data protection, constant access to necessary information, and uninterrupted operation of all services and applications for effective work of employees.

Agricultural holding is a group of companies that includes production enterprises, processing and storage facilities, a supplier of agricultural equipment and its own trading house. To ensure the effective operation of geographically dispersed organizations requires the automation of business processes and their unification in a single information environment. In addition, the activities of enterprises have a pronounced seasonal nature, which requires periodic redistribution of available IT resources between companies.

At the first stage of the project, the DEPO Computers specialists performed an audit of the customer's IT infrastructure and business applications, such as the enterprise resource planning, accounting, and inventory systems. As a result of analyzing the collected information, a decision was made to upgrade the information environment and implement a virtualization platform in the company.

The main requirement to the new IT infrastructure that the customer laid down was high performance and the degree of services availability for the company's employees. Therefore, the complex solution included a fault-tolerant virtualization farm based on DEPO Storm servers for the deployment of necessary applications and services, a DEPO Storage system, a firewall, and an uninterruptible power supply. All the equipment was installed in a compact DEPO Rack cabinet.

We were looking for an optimal solution on the market, which would include servers, data storage, infrastructure component and software that would allow us to create a fail-safe computing cluster for the ERP system users. The audit, performed by DEPO Computers experts, revealed that due to heterogeneous services deployed on outdated servers, it makes more sense for us, considering future development scenarios, to virtualize resources, which will reduce TCO of IT systems, consolidate capacities, reduce power consumption.
The proposed solution has allowed us to lay the foundation for the optimal use of computing power of the IT infrastructure of the holding, when, depending on the load of the virtualization farm, the system is dominated by the resource-critical services, and non-critical ones recede into the background.
Sergey Gubanov
Head of Information Technology Department of Dmitrovskiye Vegetables agricultural holding

DEPO Computers engineers carried out the necessary installation work, configured the hardware and software, tested the system for fault tolerance and put the built IT infrastructure into operation.

Project results for business

Dmitrovskie Vegetables agricultural holding was one of the first agricultural companies to build an advanced virtualization environment for accounting and ERP systems. Effectively using the available IT budget, the agricultural holding has obtained a fault-tolerant solution that ensures continuous operation of subsystems and the prompt allocation of resources depending on the needs of business applications.

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