Improving the fault tolerance of the data center of Raiffeisen Capital Management Company
The customer's business task
Raiffeisen Capital Management is currently one of the leaders on the Russian asset management market in terms of staff qualifications, investment process transparency and risk management. The company strives to maintain its leadership in terms of the volume of funds under management, profitability and quality of investment products, offering clients investment solutions that best meet their interests. The information system of a large financial institution is a key business asset, for which reason the company requires constant availability of business applications.
To improve the availability and fault tolerance of the systems located in the data center, Raiffeisen Capital Management needed to ensure the monitoring of physical parameters, protection of computing power and notification of responsible employees in case of critical situations.

DEPO Computers conducted a pre-project survey of the data center, which included a comprehensive reliability analysis from the perspective of business process continuity. To solve the client's tasks, a comprehensive solution based on the APC company's innovative system was developed. Raiffeisen Capital Management implemented APC NetBotz monitoring complex designed to control physical environmental parameters: humidity, temperature, liquid leakage. In case of the controlled parameters deviating from the admissible values the automatic alerting of the responsible employees of the Information Technology Department by SMS and e-mail was organized, which allows to correct the problems quickly. Pre-commissioning works were completed by handing over to the customer a fully operational complex performing all the required tasks.
Raiffeisen Capital Management Company received a flexible and scalable solution based on APC NetBotz, designed by DEPO Computers specialists. Our client has increased the fault tolerance of the IT infrastructure by implementing a system of quick response to the changes in the physical environment parameters. In case of critical situations, responsible employees will be immediately notified, allowing them to take urgent measures to solve problems. DEPO Computers has developed and implemented the most effective solution of the assigned problem.
Dmitriy Cherkasov
The director of the Department of System Integration at DEPO Computers
The successful implementation of the project resulted in improving the fault tolerance of our computing capacities. DEPO Computers has implemented a solution, which gives us complete control over all factors of the physical environment affecting the availability of information systems. We have prevented the threat of financial losses related to the unavailability of critical business applications. DEPO Computers has performed a complex of works in full accordance with our requirements, demonstrating high professionalism of the project team.
Peter Ternovsky
The IT manager of Raiffeisen Capital Management
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