DEPO Cloud Platform for Yacht Voyage
The customer's business task
Yacht Voyage Charter Company ( focuses on luxury yachts and catamarans. The company's fleet is represented in the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas by three own bases in Montenegro, Spain and Italy. Yacht Voyage has been operating on the Russian market since 2009 and has virtually no competitors. The company offers affordable, exciting, dynamic and very interesting type of luxury holidays. The central office is located in Moscow. Yacht Voyage was faced with a question of convenient seasonal increase of workplaces and storage of working documents and videos from anywhere in the world from any device (Windows/MacOS/iOS/Android) as well as website accessibility.

The travel business is characterized by a sharp seasonal increase in demand, so the client has always had the problem of creating an easily scalable IT infrastructure. Mobile employees working in other countries often do not have high-speed Internet access, and the communication channel is unstable. The client was not satisfied with cookie-cutter solutions with bare-metal virtual resource rent, as it did not solve the client's business problems and required dedicated IT professionals to create and support the solution. Other options available on the market were too complicated, redundant and did not fit into the company's budget.

DEPO Computers was invited to solve business problems, seriously limiting the operating activities of the charter company. For Yacht Voyage a package of services was offered as a part of DEPO BpaaS (business platform as a service) package, which successfully passed the preliminary testing procedure and fully satisfied the customer's needs.

DEPO BpaaS (business platform as a service) is a ready-to-operate IT infrastructure, which is composed of all necessary infrastructure services for the operation of any business and of popular cloud services. Employees work with the platform either via a browser or an explorer from their local PC, or from their virtual desktops located in the DEPO Cloud.

Components of Yacht Voyage service are a cloud storage DEPO vStorage 2000, intended in the first place for the employees' collaboration with the documents and files and organizing the orderly flow of documents inside the company, and a virtual server DEPO vStorm 2000, which ensures a reliable website hosting.

The cloud storage is a multifunctional service, which allows storing all kinds of files: documents, scanned images, archives, audio and video records. The service allows for efficient information search, creation of directories, catalogs, libraries, questionnaires, analytical reports. Powerful functionality, high reliability, and convenience of working with cloud storage ensure greater popularity of the service in comparison with traditional means of storing documents and files.

DEPO vStorm cloud servers are the computing core of DEPO BPaaS business platform. The advantages of DEPO vStorm cloud servers are their impressive scalability, unattainable nowadays even for western hosting companies - up to 32 virtual CPUs and 396 GB RAM per virtual server, with the possibility to connect a powerful graphic card, and unique annual availability of servers - 99.96%. When using DEPO vStorm cloud servers, the problem of equipment purchases and renewal becomes irrelevant, because there is no more need to buy servers with duplicated main components, to organize raid arrays and to build clusters - all these possibilities are supported in any DEPO vStrom server, even the most inexpensive.

Besides, within the business platform, the customer has an opportunity to quickly connect full-fledged DEPO virtual desktops to his employees, and to rent, if necessary and for the required time, all the necessary Microsoft software, such as Microsoft Project and Visio, for the employees' work.

While ordering and using the service, the customer is now guided only by business parameters (the number of necessary workplaces, a set of software and services required for business, time of reaction to service requests, guaranteed time of service availability), and all the questions of technical administration are solved by the DEPO Computers service center. The modularity of the platform provides flexible options for configuring a service package in accordance with the corporate standards and the customer's business development strategy.

The rental model of information systems usage allowed Yacht Voyage company to fully concentrate on business and development tasks, and get rid of significant capital expenditures, replacing them with operating ones. By using modern and reliable DEPO Cloud technologies the client has got services scalable depending on seasonality and demand, which removed the limits of growth. The partnership between DEPO Cloud and Yacht Voyage continues with high quality IT support in accordance with the parameters described in the service level agreement.
Roman Nalepov
The DEPO Computers vice president for new technologies
We received an optimal performance and price solution with a user-friendly interface, 24x7x365 availability and resiliency. DEPO Cloud project team promptly and professionally solved the tasks, considering all peculiarities of our business IT infrastructure. I am satisfied with our cooperation with DEPO Cloud
Dmitry Kolotilin
IT director of Yacht Voyage Charter Company
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