DEPO Computers has built a private cloud system for MEUCCI Group
MEUCCI Group is a manufacturer and supplier of men's outerwear, a friendly team of professionals and a brand that has a rich past. The history of the company began in 1911, when the Meucci family opened their own headwear production in Florence. Since the late 90's MEUCCI is also a Russian-Italian manufacturer of men's clothing, independently developing new models in its own design office.
The customer's business task
At the start of the project, MEUCCI Group had a classic server infrastructure, and the performance of the existing equipment did not allow it to organize the work of business applications with the desired performance. It was necessary to upgrade the existing IT infrastructure in order to improve performance and fault tolerance of business processes. In addition, it was necessary to prepare the infrastructure for deployment of a fault-tolerant database management system (DBMS), necessary for the implementation of the ERP-system.
According to the customer's requirements, DEPO Computers specialists audited the existing IT infrastructure and analyzed the requirements for DBMS and ERP system, considering the uninterrupted work of users. Based on the audit results, an infrastructure for private cloud implementation was designed based on the line of typical DEPO Cloud Systems solutions, developed by the Systems Integration Department of DEPO Computers for fast private cloud technology implementation.
DEPO Computers specialists performed a full range of works on commissioning and integration of the solution with MEUCCI Group IT infrastructure. According to the results of acceptance tests, the computing complex demonstrated full compliance with the customer's requirements and was put into operation.
Project results

DEPO Computers created a cloud IT infrastructure for the MEUCCI Group company, based on fault-tolerant DEPO server equipment. The transition to a private cloud ensured high availability and performance of the customer's ERP system, which is the basis of business processes in the company. Due to this project MEUCCI Group improved the efficiency of business processes and prevented the risk of financial losses associated with downtime of critical business applications.

Moving to a private cloud has provided MEUCCI with high availability of business applications. Risks of financial losses from equipment downtime have been prevented, and user efficiency has been improved. Moreover, it optimized the activities of the IT service. The DEPO Computers solution enabled the customer to get advanced database management, which is the basis for efficient operation of the ERP system.

On behalf of MEUCCI Group, I would like to express gratitude to DEPO Computers for the work done on upgrading our IT infrastructure. DEPO Computers employees proved to be major experts at all stages of the project. It was hard to expect such a tight support and attentive customer care.
During the project a high level of technical competence, responsibility and professionalism were demonstrated. The works were completed even ahead of schedule. Thanks to DEPO Computers, we have a highly reliable IT infrastructure, which is able to satisfy the high demands of our business in performance and fault tolerance. We plan to continue our fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation with DEPO Computers in new projects.
Alexander Sergeyevich Abramov
The head of IT and financial software department of MEUCCI Group
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